Random Reads

I was thinking about these things yesterday and thought I'd share them with you. Here are 3 random facts for you!

1) Did you know that a 100kg person (220 lbs) with 31% body fat (which is more than you should have) has enough stored energy in their body to walk from NYC to Los Angeles (2,800 miles) without stopping for food or drink? I know! Crazy! Now of course our bodies don't necessarily work that way, we would need to re-hydrate ourselves at some point. But aren't our bodies amazing? I learned this while studying for my fitness certification test and thought you'd like to know.

2) Did you know that dry erase marker will erase permanent marker from a dry erase board? How do I know this? About 3 years ago I worked as a substitute teacher while going to graduate school. I was teaching 4th grade and had been writing on the dry erase board for several minutes when a student finally said, "You are using permanent marker."
Well, thanks for the heads up NOW. I looked at the board covered in my handwriting. Permanently. And panicked (in my head, of course). Until another student said, "Just write over it with dry erase marker." I did just that and wa-la! No more permanent marker.

And number 3) Did you know that due to the rising obesity rate, it is projected that the next generation will have shorter life spans for the first time in 200 years?!?!? One of my students is using this at his attention getter for his speech and let me tell you, he got MY attention when I read it! Our generation can help change this! Feed your child a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and for goodness sakes, take them outside to play! We were meant to run around and play. God gave us a body so that we could use it, so get outside and play today (Too cold to play outside? Then go to an indoor playground--preferably, not at McDonald's).

In other news!!!! Auntie M(aria) got engaged yesterday! We are so excited for her and just love her to pieces. Best Wishes Auntie M!