Cow says what?

Spoiled by Auntie K
While Auntie K was here she bought Sweet P a cow who when you squeeze it's belly, moos. To you and me and everyone else who's heard a cow, it sounds like Moooooooo. To Sweet P, it sounds like BAAAAA.

Sweet P is really great at animal sounds. It all started with kitty and meow "ow" after being at my mom's house with Pierre for a few days. Puppy soon followed "oof, oof" and then for some reason I can't remember we taught her tiger. Tiger is by far her favorite. I don't know if it's because she gets to roar really loud or because she likes it, but "roaaaaaaar" she does.

We taught her "moo" for cow and "ba-a" for sheep. While Auntie K was here she taught her chicken "ba ba." But somewhere between sheep and cow and a cow who sounds like a sheep (according to her), cow and sheep now make the same noise. After a few "cow says MOOOO"'s she'll start saying moo, but the poor thing is pretty confused about why her stuffed cow is saying "baaa."

I ask her what they say all the time because it is so dang cute. And tiger might be her favorite, but I gotta be honest. It's my fav, too.

PS. Happy Birthday to Auntie Rosita! We miss you!