The Farmer came upon this article today in Relevant Magazine online.

I can honestly say that the Farmer and I enjoy our jobs. We have time to spend with one another and our family. The opportunity to travel and enjoy our hobbies is at our fingertips. Sure, a simple life seems easy enough, but it's not always that simple.

When the Farmer and I first got married, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we wouldn't be able to buy whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. Sound juvenile? It probably was. I spent a lot of time coveting what others had and wishing we had more money (sound familiar?). Until one day I realized that a simple life with simple things is much easier than an overwhelming life with overwhelming things. And that God didn't care if I had new clothes, a new car or a big house. I wanted to be able to stay home with Sweet P and that meant sacrificing things. On our first wedding anniversary on our way to dinner (while Auntie Rosita babysat 6-week old Sweet P who wouldn't take a bottle), I said this:
"I can work and give Sweet P whatever she wants or I can stay home and give her me."

Not a day goes by that I wish I was still working. Being Sweet P's mom is the best (and rarely simple) job there is. We try each day to make our life simpler, from getting rid of clutter or things we don't need to resisting a purchase just because we "want" it.

What do you do to make your life simpler?