I've been keeping a secret for 2 months and I'm so excited to now be able to talk about it! (and no, I'm not pregnant)

We haven't been to Seattle since Sweet P was born and Auntie Rosita has been wishing us there for months now. So, on Wednesday Sweet P and I showed up on Auntie Rosita's doorstep as her birthday present. It was a complete surprise for her and her face was priceless! Uncle Will (U-dub) and Auntie's friend, Carrie helped us pull it off and trust was really tough. Auntie Rosita is super nosey (and observant) and reeeeeeally hard to surprise. But we did it!

Auntie is a big scaredy cat so when I knocked on the door at 11pm, she flipped her lid telling U-dub not to answer the door. After 3 knocks and an "I'm answering the door" from U-dub, he cracked the door and said "Hey." He told Auntie Rosita, "You might know them." And opened the door.

She was standing in the middle of the entry way and just stared at me for a second. Then she started jumping up and down, screaming "Shut up! Shut up! What are you doing here?!%!#^@" Then when I told her Sweet P was in the car, she pushed past me and ran out to sweep sleeping Sweet P out of the car. Needless to say, she was super duper surprised.

So here we are in Seattle having a ball with Auntie Rosita. And in Auntie's words, "Best.Present.Ever."

Mission Accomplished.