cutie patootie

Napping in her tent with her baby at Nana's

Ooh, I love the new things Sweet P is learning daily. Here are a few things that make me smile and make my heart melt:

: If you ask her to throw something away, she will. Just make sure it isn't something important.
: She knows how to say bye bye. Recently, however, she's started to say "Bye Bye Doo Doo!" We've realized she is mimicking the Farmer when he tells her "Bye Bye Boo Boo." So everywhere we go, it's "Bye Bye Doo Doo!" Such a hoot.
: She gives hugs and kisses on demand! (and spontaneously, too!) And just today pursed her lips!
: While blowing bubbles with daddy she learned to say "bubble" like a champ.
: She can point to most animals and tell you the sound they make when she sees them. Her favorite? Elephant.
: Put on music and watch her dance. The kid LOVES music and can't help but move to the beat. Love that.

Where did my baby go?

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