"Let them eat poop"

Or was it cake?

Ugh. Just thinking about my morning yesterday makes me gag a little.

Guess what Sweet P learned just in time for my birthday?

Our sweet, scrumptious (nearly) 15 month old figured out how to take her diaper off. It was a cloth diaper with velcro tabs, so I don't think it was terribly difficult to figure out. And she sleeps sans clothing (No longer, I tell you, NO longer) since the dormer gets H-O-T, hot.

Yep. Took it off. And as I walked upstairs to get her out of bed, I knew. I knew immediately. The smell was terrible.

So I braced myself for the sight that was mere feet in front of me.

And there she was. Happy as a clam. With it on her hands, on her mouth (gag), and all over feet. Staring up at me as if to say, "Happy Birthday, mama."