Support your neighborhood entrepreneurs

My college friend, Teenie, visited us over the weekend. We filled our days with fun, summer activities, including visiting a lemonade stand. Here's how it went:

"Hey! Look, they're selling lemonade. Let's stop."

Rolling down the window as we stopped at the lemonade stand being run by what appeared to be 4 little boys.

Me: "Are you guys selling lemonade?"

"Yeah! You've gotta try this, though." As he holds up a half-empty Gatorade bottle.

Me: "What is it?"

"Half lemonade/half Gatorade."

Hmmmm, skeptical.
Me: "Ok! How much is it?


$1!!!!!???? What happened to 25-50cents? Inflation?

Me: "Ok, Give us 2!"

"Ummmm, we don't have enough left."

Me: "Ok, how bout one of those and one regular lemonade."
As I look at the full pitcher of yellow lemonade. Somehow I get handed a glass of pink. Not sure where it came from.

I hand them my 2 dollars and say, "Are you guys all brothers?"


Me: "Friends, then?"


I thank them and we drive away.

Teenie: "Um. I think that one with the long hair was a girl."

Me: "What!? Really?" Gosh, I hope not.

And even though the Gatorade was little more than watered down Gatorade and I said something that may have been extremely embarrassing, I'm still glad we stopped. And hope they made more than our 2$.

Support your neighborhood entrepreneurs!