Home again, home again

jiggity jog.

Remember that rhyme?

Anyway, we're home and helloooo July! Don't you always feel like you need a vacation after your vacation? Especially when you come home sick without a voice? Yeah. Me, too.

I'm always a bit discombobulated for the first couple of days, so excuse me as we get our life back in order.

A few things from our trip:
We visited 3 states.
We drove through 7 states.
Went to a wedding.
Went to a bridal shower.
Wanted to spend the whole vacay swimming.
It rained all 6 days that we were in New Mexico.
The sun came out the day we left.
We went swimming twice.
I got sick on day 7.
The rain didn't ruin 4th of July (phew!).
Sweet P loves fireworks!
We drove through a rainstorm on the way home.
The Farmer wanted to get home for a soccer game.
He left our house key at his mom's house.
Luckily, our friend had a spare!
We got home safely.
The Farmer missed the game.

Pics and more stories to be posted soon...as well as Health Challenge Tip #1! Can you guess what it'll be? I bet Gammie can!