Mama Mia

I got to thinking the other night about the kind of mom I wanted to be and how I could be a better mom (I wonder that a lot). And starting thinking about my mom (Gammie). And I suddenly realized that there was one thing I never want Sweet P to question. Because I, myself, have never questioned it.

I look back and look and look and look some more, nope. I never once questioned it. Not through all the fights or guilt-trips or chores or "I told you so's". And knowing that, never having to question it makes me understand why I know I can go to my mom no matter what. I can call her at 3am and she'd answer (no questions asked). I know that even though she threatened to throw us out on the street if we did XYZ, that she wouldn't (mainly because we did XYZ and she still talks to us and we've never been thrown out on the street).

In 30 years, I hope Sweet P looks back and realizes she never questioned it, either. She just knew. Through all our trials and tribulations, I never once questioned whether my mom loved me. I just knew.

Thanks, mom.