Health Challenge Tip #4

#4: Learn to love beans.

Yes, my dears. If you don't love beans, you should. Because beans are fun and fun is good. (Dr. Seuss if you will).

Beans are such a fabulous food item. And can be put in just about anything. They are full of fiber, protein, vitamins and other goodness that makes your body go "Mmmm." Beans aren't always a "perfect" protein, but pairing them with grains like rice (BROWN!!!) or couscous make a "perfect" combination.

We get the question "What do you eat?" A LOT in our life as vegetarians. Well, we eat a lot of beans. Here's how:

Main dishes:
Lentil soup
Pinto beans (cooked with garlic and jalapenos) with tortillas
Black bean tacos
3 bean chili with kidney beans and chili beans
Chickpea nuggets
Black bean burgers
Vegetable soup w/ garbanzo beans
Lentil tacos
Tostadas w/ mashed pinto beans
Lentils w/ curry

Side dishes:
Pinto beans w/ enchiladas

Garbanzo beans on top of salad
Black beans on top of salad
White beans on top of salad
Black beans on nachos

Rarely do we eat beans as side dishes, because they are usually part of the main meal. I'm not trying to convert you to vegetarianism, but replacing meat every once in awhile is a great way to get other proteins. Beans are a healthy and cheap substitute for meat. Try a meatless Monday and incorporate beans into your diet. And if you don't like beans, try them again!

So what's for lunch today? A hummus sandwich. See? Beans can even replace lunch meat! We don't eat peanut butter and jelly ALL the time.

What do you make with beans?