Health Challenge Tip #9

#9: Make gradual changes

The last 2 posts for this challenge kinda go together. And yep, only 2 more...we're running out of July!

Okay, so make gradual changes. If you've ever read about, watched a show about, or been an addict, you know that there are some things that you have to quit cold turkey. There are other things that take time.

Making healthy changes to your lifestyle (especially if you have a family) takes time. Remember that! I know as well as anyone that we want results and we want changes to be made NOW! Right now! And if we don't see what we want, well, it must not be working. Wrong.

Starting a workout regimen takes time. If you're like me, you set your alarm to get up and then hit snooze and wake up later realizing it's too late to work out. But keep trying, because on that 3rd day? You might just wake up and get with it.

So let's make gradual changes as we live a healthier lifestyle. One day you'll look back and say "Wow, I can't believe I used to drink all that soda" or "I can't believe I never ate beans!"

If you've been reading these, I hope you've made a few changes in your lifestyle. I definitely have. And since my post about sleeping, I've gone to bed before 11pm every night. High five for me.