Happy Hearts Day!

5 years ago my husband (who was not even yet my boyfriend) left 2 giant hearts made out of starbursts in my mom's garage for yours truly. He pretended they weren't from him. And he was still pretending he didn't like me "like that." And I wasn't sure I liked him "like that" yet either. (Who am I kidding? Of course I liked him "like that," especially after starburst hearts.)

This year when he asked me what I wanted for V-day, I said candy. And not just any kind, Valentine candy and no, not the cheesy kind in the box. I'm talking cinnamon gummies, the soft conversation hearts, sour cherry balls (even though I didn't mention those specifically). And you know what? That's exactly what I got! My super cute husband gave me a card this morning full of word jumbles of all the places the candy was hidden. He had to give me a hint on a few of them, but I found them all.

Do I have a sweet and creative Valentine or what? What did your Valentine do for you?