Pop Up Groundhog

I was looking for groundhog day activities for Sweet P and I to do and found this fun idea here. With a few modifications, we created our own Pop Up Groundhog. Just in time for Groundhog Day!

The Craft: Pop Up Groundhog

What you need:
1 small dixie cup
1 popsicle stick
green construction paper
brown cardstock
white or cream cardstock
black sharpie

I used a Starbuck's coffee collar as a guide for the green I wanted to go around the cup. Then, I cut it to size. Use a gluestick or double stick tape to attach the green piece to the dixie cup.
Use a bottle cap or circle punch to create a small circle on the brown cardstock for the head. Next, draw a large oval and 2 small ears on the brown cardstock and a smaller oval on the white/cream cardstock. Cut all your pieces out. Before you glue it all together, draw eyes, a nose and a little mouth on your groundhog. I gave ours eyelashes so we call her a "she."

Using a glue stick/elmer's glue, glue the ears to the head, the small oval on top of the large oval and the large oval to the head. Then glue the entire groundhog to the popsicle stick.
Use a knife (for mom only) to poke a slit in the dixie cup. Slide the popsicle through the hole and there you have it! Your own little pop up groundhog!

We named ours Gina. What did you name yours?

Please feel free to post any other groundhog ideas you have!