Tot School: Groundhog Day

Sweet P is 21 months old

I actually made a lesson plan this week! I'm quite proud of my organization this week, even if we didn't stick to it exactly as it was laid out. Sweet P got sick on Wednesday so we've been spending lots of time at home playing and learning.

This week we focused on Groundhog day for the first part of the week (until Feb 2), then we transitioned to Valentine's Day! And we'll stay on V-day through this week. Here's what we did this week:

Playdate at a friend's house in the morning
Library with daddy for 2 hours in the afternoon!
Started talking about Groundhog Day and discovered Starfall!

I made the Pop Up Groundhog before she woke up and gave it to her after breakfast. Read more about it here.
Then she colored the groundhog from ABC Teach that we later made into a TP roll groundhog.
After naptime and lunch (notice the bib), she worked on the letter G is for Groundhog, putting beans in the circles. She's not really into this, yet, but she loved playing with the beans! She did this while Skyping with Gammie!
After our Skype session we worked on a few different puzzles. Auntie Kannon gave Sweet P Melissa & Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks for Christmas and they are such a great learning tool. They teach shapes, colors and gross motor skills. It comes with 5 puzzles that you can flip over so there are really 10 of them!

She also received this puzzle for Christmas (it was from the $1 spot at Target during the back to school months) and I hadn't gotten out, yet because I thought it was too hard. While some of the pieces are hard for her, she does a really good job, especially when she knows where the letter goes. It's been a great way to teach her more of her letters and what starts with those letters. And the examples are fun things to teach her.

Wednesday was a snow day for mommy (even though I don't teach until 8pm) and the Farmer didn't have to go in until 1pm so we had a great morning playing together and making a Groundhog pancake. I let her stir in all the ingredients.
I have silicone cookie cutters that are for pancakes and eggs and one is in the shape of a teddy bear so I used that since it looked enough like a groundhog to me! I decorated his face with yogurt and raisins. Yum! She gobbled him right up.
After breakfast we colored a Happy Ground Hog Day picture and Skyped with Gammie (can you tell we just got Skype?) since she was home from work because of an ice storm in Texas! (and all over the US just about!)
We sang about Groundhog Day that we found at ABC Teach.
Then we learned about Groundhog Day on Starfall. When I first heard about Starfall I was skeptical because I didn't want her to use a computer or even sit in front of one, but I have to say it is a pretty cool program! She sat in my lap and she repeated the words when I clicked on them. We've also read a few shorts books where I'll read it once through, then say the words one at time and point to them and she repeats them back to me reading the book to me! We'll see how long that lasts!

We finished up our TP Groundhog, too. I cut out the pieces and she helped me glue them to the TP roll. Then we had a 2 second puppet show with the TP Groundhog and the Pop Up Groundhog.
We stayed in our jammies most of the day, can you tell?! But then we made a trip to Hobby Lobby and the $ store to pick up some goodies for our Valentine sensory bucket.

After we got home from running errands, she had a snack and sorted puffs into a egg carton.
We got this coloring page last week at the Healthy Living Expo. She colored it several times throughout the day and it's full of color now! I'm going to laminate it and use it as her placemat. There's an onion (or maybe a bulb of garlic), a potato and a carrot.

We went back to the library and grocery shopping Thursday morning after breakfast. We picked up 15 books and our library now has self checkout! Too cool! We got several books about snow and a few about Valentine's Day.

After naptime, we FINALLY made homemade clay. I've been wanting to do this with her FOREVER and did it on Thursday. We had a lot of fun smashing, rolling and using cookie cutters to make hearts, stars, crosses and a P! I'll have the recipe and directions in another post this week.
When daddy got home we were in the basement and the bowl the dough had been in was on the counter. He came downstairs and said, "That sugar cookie dough sure is salty." And we laughed and laughed. She watched a few minutes of a movie and played with an foam alphabet puzzle while we were down there.

While I went to workout, Sweet P and the Farmer played with her Pattern Blocks again and she stacked them in the box they come in.
Gammie was home from work again so we talked to her at breakfast, lunch and dinner! And more coloring of the veggie page. We also got to Skype with Auntie Rosita on Friday!
That afternoon, we painted our clay pieces. Well, Sweet P painted the wax paper and her hands.
I gave her a quick bath afterward and then we opened 2 packages from Gammie and Auntie Rosita. Gammie's had a fun I Spy Hearts book and Auntie Rosita's had new plates! Sweet P LOVES the plates and was putting cotton balls on them. Then she decided it was time to feed her baby. This might have been the cutest thing EVER. She brought a plate into the kitchen and put it on the table, then she went and got her baby and put her in her seat. She put on the safety belt and tray, then said, "Bib!" and ran to get a bib out of the cabinet. She asked me to help her put the bib on, then she fed her baby! I gave her a few unpainted clay pieces and she pretended to give them to her baby. It was so DANG cute!

I fixed up her Valentine sensory bucket and she went to town! A grumpy and mean lady at the $ store said to me when I picked up a package of V-day erasers to show Sweet P, "Oh those will be great. Put them in her mouth, chew them up and swallow them." I was in such shock I simply said, "She doesn't put things in her mouth." Too bad, I spent most of yesterday telling her to take the red sparkle hearts out of her mouth. Go figure. But hey, it wasn't the erasers! I also have a February tile in the there from a perpetual calendar and listening to her say February is too cute!
Then, she dumped out all the contents of the bin and made it her baby's bed.
We read lots of books this week, but I took the first 1/2 back to the library and can't for the life of me remember what they were about!

Whew! That was our week. How was yours?!

Next week's theme: Valentine's Day!