Monogram Keychain

What? What's that you say? It's almost March? You mean I can't tell you about another Christmas gift? C'mon! It'll be quick. Promise. And then I only have one more after that (one TK (Auntie K) really wants me to post and might be mad if I don't soon...she also informed me that I needed to start blogging more before I lost readers, ay yi captain! so here I am). This was a relatively easy and inexpensive (ya know, cheap, but sometimes cheap sounds, well, cheap) to make. Ok, it was SUPER easy to make.

The Craft: Monogram Keychain

What you need:
2 1.5 inches of felt (any color)
embroidery floss (opposing color from 1.5 inch felt)
1 1 inch piece of felt (same color as floss)
1.5 inch piece of ribbon (coordinating color)

Cut the 1 inch piece of felt into the letter of choice. I did lower case letters because those sisters and I tend to like the lower case alphabet (well, I know Auntie Rosita and I do, TK will have to respond in the comments if she does).

Affix the letter to one of the pieces of 1.5 inches of felt. I used the same color felt as letter, but opposing would fine as well). Place the 2 pieces of 1.5 inch felt together, letter facing out. I used a simple stitch to hold them together (although a whip stitch would work, too).

I started at the top where the ribbon would go and went all the way around, stopping just before the ribbon. Leave the floss threaded and attach the ribbon. I then sewed in the ribbon using the stitch to seal the pieces together. And there you have it, a simple monogrammed keychain!