Valentine Wreath

Finally, finally, finally. My Valentine wreath is complete and I'm posting it for you to see. I'm not in LOVE with it, but I really like it. If I'd done this project in one afternoon, it probably would've taken about 2 hours to complete. However, it was done over the course of a week or so.

I chose the yarn and when I got home I realized I didn't have any felt that matched it and none of the felt options at Hobby Lobby matched either! So while these pieces may not match perfectly, I think it still looks pretty cute.

I also wasn't impressed with the cost. I wanted a circular foam piece and it was $5! Add the $3 for the yarn and it's already an $8 project. I know, I know I couldn't get a cute wreath for that price, but I was still a bit shocked at the price of foam pieces. Oh and I had the felt and buttons, so no cost there. Anyway, here it is!
I framed the wreath in a frame I found in our attic when I moved in. I've been looking for things to hang over our couch and this is the first piece. There is a twin frame and 2 brown wooden ones I found up there as well that I'll be filling up next.
I learned to make those cute flowers from Auntie Rosita, but I must say hers are much cuter!