Pita Pizza

Surely you haven't forgotten how much we love pizza around here? I didn't think so. I'm beginning to think I need my own pizza blog. Read on for an easy as pie (pizza pie, that is) recipe:

Too lazy to make your own crust? Don't want to buy store bought crust? Use a pita instead! Pita pizza is super easy and super yummy to make. Prep time takes about 10 minutes (to chop veggies) and cook time is only 15 minutes! Dinner in 30 minutes! Here's what you do:

The Recipe: Pita Pizza
Feeds: 2

What you need:
2 whole wheat pitas
tomato sauce or pesto (or both!)
chopped onions
chopped mushrooms
chopped black olives
any other toppings you want on top

Spread the tomato sauce or pesto on top of the pita using a spoon or spatula. Sprinkle toppings, top with cheese and stick in the oven for 15 minutes! And there you have it! Fast, easy and scrumptious pita pizza!