Felt Owls

Once upon a time I told you I'd break down the elements of Sweet P's owl-themed birthday party and I never did!!! Sheesh, broken promises. Or are they? I didn't say WHEN I would post them did I? Well, better late than never.

I came up with the idea for these owls after seeing this AMAZING owl party at Snowy Bliss. My owls are not quite as large (mine were about the size of my hand), but this was my inspiration.
Sadly, I do not have a template. I drew it out on a sheet of paper, but since I don't have a scanner, I'm unable to share it with you. I drew the shape of the owl, a D for his stomach, circles for the eyes, triangle for the beak and wings, and cut each piece out.

I pinned the pieces to the felt and cut away. I made a practice owl and ended up making a few pieces a bit smaller on the next owls because of how the first owl turned out. He is now Sweet P's owl and we love him, but I do wish I'd made his tummy a bit smaller to begin with.

I made each one different for each of Sweet P's guests and this was definitely a labor of love!

The Craft: Felt Owl

What you need:
Embroidery floss
Large needle
Several different colors of felt
Batting or stuffing
Sewing machine for sewing the owl together
Buttons for eyes

Hand stitch the eyes, buttons, stomach, beak and heart, star, moon or unique piece to the front of the owl. Place the wings on the front of your owl facing inward and lay the back piece on top. Pin the back, front and wings together. Sew around the edge of the owl (remember to leave an opening to pull the owl through!). Pull owl right side out and stuff. Hand stitch to close.

Tada! You have a stuffed owl.

Note: Kiddos with baby siblings didn't get button eyes just in case they got a hold of the owl.