Simple I Spy Bag

While cleaning out the kitchen cabinets a few weeks ago I found several bags of beans and grains we were never going to eat. You can use rice, beans or anything else you find. Our bag has red lentils, split peas and millet.

The Activity: Simple I Spy Bag

What you need:
Filler (beans, rice, etc.)
Plastic bag or plastic bottle
Small figurines, balls, letters, etc.

Fill the bag/bottle with the sensory item of your choice (rice, beans, etc.). Push small items into the bag and seal the bag. Glue the bag/bottle shut and tape over the seal (if using a bag) with packing tape.
We started with ours in a bag, then transferred to another bag when Sweet P bit a hole in the first one. Luckily I saw her do it and was able to confiscate it before the contents poured all over the kitchen! I'll be transferring it to a plastic bottle soon, since those don't tear quite as easily as plastic bags (even if she bites it!). In her defense, I think she really wanted to get the ball in there out.

She loved finding all the little knick knacks in the bag. This would be great for a car ride (not the plastic bag version! unless you fancy vacuuming up little tiny grains/beans).