Where's the Mouse? Felt Game

If you haven't tried Pinterest then you should because it is fun and fun is good. (A little Dr. Seuss for ya). Anyway, the point in saying that is to say that now I don't have to scour the internet to find that idea I saw, I just look at my Pinterest and there it is! I love that and I love that I don't have to say "I don't remember where I saw this idea..." Now I can always credit the creator! All that to say that I found the cutest felt game on Pinterest and recreated it today while Sweet P and I played in the basement.

This project took about 5 minutes to pick out and cut the felt, draw the details and set it up for Sweet P. She had a great time finding and then hiding the mouse for the Farmer. This will be great to use to practice colors and I've debated writing letters (because she's already starting assigning houses to Gammie, Lily, Mommy and Daddy) on the roof of each house. Without further ado, here is this super easy craft.

The Craft: Where's the Mouse?

What you need:
several small pieces of colored felt, including one small gray piece for the mouse
black Sharpie or marker
large piece of black felt or a felt board

Cut colored felt pieces into the shape of a house. I did 8 houses, but 6 would be fine. Cut out a mouse from the gray piece of felt. Draw details on the houses and mouse. Hide the mouse under a house and ask your toddler "Where's the Mouse?" Or talk about the colors ("is the mouse under the pink house?").

Easy, right?!

Variations: hide a piece cheese and have the mouse find it, hide letters under the house, cut out other animal shapes

The possibilities are endless!

Note: In hindsight I probably shouldn't have done 2 green houses, but we can always eliminate one if it gets confusing for her.