5 Days of Advent Calendars: Advent Gift

My mom started this for Auntie K when she was little and I knew I'd continue it for my children. Each day Sweet P gets a small gift as part of advent (yes, yes, this is in addition to a wrapped book). Her first year it was mainly bows, socks, a handprint ornament kit, etc. (things useful to an 8 mo old). Last year we added books (wasn't doing the Christmas Book Calendar at the time), stickers, and other small free or $1 items I'd come across throughout the year. Anything we didn't use ended up in her stocking.

I had most of her Advent gifts before the end of January for this year. Either stuff leftover or things we found for 50% off after Christmas. Gammie and RoRo sent a few things throughout the year, too.

Each day she comes downstairs, pulls an Advent Action card (upcoming post) out of her sock Advent calendar and opens a wrapped book. After we read the book she hunts for her Advent gift which is hidden somewhere in the room.

Here's what she's opened so far:

Day 1: Alphabet Alley's A Child is Born Christmas Magnetic Playset (such an awesome set and comes with it's own magnetic playbook). The magnets are thick and great for toddlers. After putting them on the dishwasher Sweet P told me "Mary needs to hold Baby Jesus" so the baby Jesus is in Mary's lap. I love listening to her commentary.

Day 2: Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer window clings. We have a large front window that is perfect for window clings! She loved sticking them up and is currently obsessed with the abominable snowman (he's a mighty humble bumble!).

I have a few gifts that follow our Tot Preschool theme for the week. We are doing The Nutcracker next week so I have a nutcracker wooden craft and a small nutcracker to give her. She LOVES to look at them anywhere we go that has them.

Do you do Advent gifts?

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