Glitter Rice Snowflakes

This was our first experience with glitter and now I know why I've never used it! Glitter gets EVERYWHERE! Oh well, she still had a blast with the rice and the glitter (and could've done without the snowflakes!). I think they came out super cute!

The Craft: Glitter Rice Snowflakes

What you need:
Blue construction paper (we used 2 colors)
White rice
Glitter (we had a pack of several options)
Trays to contain the mess (which sorta worked!)

If your child is scissor-aged have him/her cut out the snowflake. I cut it out for Sweet P and then laid it on the tray. Squeeze glue all over the snowflake, then sprinkle (or dump) the rice and glitter on top! Shake excess off on to the tray and allow snowflake to dry. Then hang in the window!

You could also make these into ornaments, but I love the way they look in the window.

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