Felt Gingerbread Dress-up Doll

Last week our theme was Gingerbread People (more on that coming soon in a tot school post) so I decided to make Sweet P a felt gingerbread person modeled after the foam gingerbread boy TK gave her.

I did clothes for a boy and a girl, but the gingerbread(girl?) never got out of her dress (I had to dress it in the boy clothes for the picture!). She also LOVED putting both bows on its head and calling them pigtails. Sweet P loves all things girl (and calls her brother a girl on a daily basis. The Farmer finds that hysterical...it drives me bonkers.). Everything is a she/girl (unless she knows for a fact it is a boy). But any asexual toy becomes a girl (ESPECIALLY if I call it a he on accident, she says "IT'S A GIRL!"). Anyway, on with the gingerbread!

I used the foam g-boy as a template and cut out a brown piece of felt. Actually, I used his vest as a template as well. I freehanded the dress and other bits (frosting for the arms and legs, mouth, bows) and added pompons for buttons and cheeks.

Isn't it just the cutest little thing? 

I glued on googly eyes, then put all the pieces in a little art supply container and set it on a tray for her. It got played with several times last week.

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