Simple Snowflake Ornament

I can't take credit for this because our dear friend Amy came up with the idea. She had a Happy Birthday Jesus playdate last week and had a craft ready for us to make, but the kiddos were playing to hard to be bothered with a craft! Amy packaged up all the pieces for the craft (isn't she awesome?!) and sent them home with us.

While making Christmas Candy on Friday as our Advent Action, we made our ornament while waiting on the toffee to boil. She even threaded the ribbon through the hole for hanging it up!

What you need:
Foam snowflakes (Walmart or Target or even Dollar Tree)
Snowflake ribbon (or any type of ribbon)
Stamp and silver ink
Silver sharpie
Snowflake stickers (or other Christmas stickers)
Large jingle bell

Amy stamped all the snowflakes and I gave Sweet P a silver Sharpie when we got home to add other decorations to the edges. She threaded the ribbon and I threaded the jingle bell onto the ribbon. Wa-la! Simple snowflake ornament!

Then she posed for me so I could get a pic of her hanging it on the tree.

So cute and so simple! Thanks Amy!