Felt Rudolph Activity

I saw this Rudolph on Pinterest and KNEW I had to make something similar for Sweet P. As you know, I.LOVE.Felt. LOVE it! But enough about that! This was super easy (took about 5 minutes) and Sweet P was too cute when we played with it! I added the pompons later for a variation.

The Craft: Felt Rudolph

What you need:
Light brown, dark brown, orange, blue, yellow, green, black, gray, purple, red, pink (and any other color you want) pieces of felt
Black sharpie
Colored pompons (optional)

Cut a head out of the light brown felt. Cut one circle out of each piece of colored felt including the dark brown. Trace your child's hand on the brown felt and cut out (these are the antlers). Draw black eyes on the light brown felt. Place on a felt board or other surface and play!

This is how we played, but there is also a Rudolph, Rudolph rhyme you can use as well.

We laid out Rudolph's head and antlers, but I kept the circles in my hand.

Me: Does Rudolph have an orange nose? (while placing the orange nose on the reindeer)
Sweet P: Noooooo. (while picking the orange nose off)
This continued through all the colors until red was all I had left.

Me: What color IS Rudolph's nose?
Sweet P thought for a second, then sang: Rudolph the RED-nosed reindeer!!!!! (and I handed her the red nose to place on his face)

So fun and such a great way for her to talk about colors.

Use pompons for a variation.

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