5 Days of Advent Calendars: Santa Calendar

The Santa Calendar is somewhat of a continuation of our Thankful Turkey. We had such a great time with the turkey that we wanted to keep it going (or a variation of it anyway). The original idea was a tree with ornaments, but when I asked Sweet P if she wanted a tree or Santa, what do you think she picked?

Yep. Santa. So here he is (even though she really doesn't know what he's all about).

This is our "What are you looking forward to about Christmas?" Santa. We ask the question each morning and although she doesn't quite get the question, she knows it's something we like to do.

I free handed the Santa on construction paper and posterboard and stuck him to the wall in our dining area. She has a Santa placemat that has his eyes closed (he's smiling and squinting) and she was a bit disappointed that the one above's eyes were open (of course if I'd drawn them closed she'd have wanted them open).

I cut out round circles from the leftover posterboard and I write our answers on one each morning. We've talked about looking forward to the birth of baby Jesus and celebrating his birthday, visiting family and visiting friends.

This morning after I wrote hers and the Farmer's answers, I said, "Mama is looking forward to.." and I paused to think about it. She answered for me and said, "Coffee." Does she know her mama or what?

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