5 Days of Advent Calendars: Advent Action Cards

Remember how I said I have awesome sisters? Here's more proof.

I typed these up in my handy dandy Word Starter pack (it won't even let me make business cards..it's that awesome). I looked at them, almost printed them out, then thought "Maybe Auntie RoRo will take pity on me and pretty these up." Let me let you in on a well-known fact: this is a super busy time of the year for RoRo and her business so I didn't think she'd have the time (and she told me on the phone that she didn't have the time). But much to my surprise and delight, I found a pdf of these adorable cards in my inbox that afternoon.

See? She's awesome. (I also think she probably'd be embarrassed if she visited the blog and saw my plain, jane cards.)

Each morning Sweet P comes down the stairs from her room and picks a card out of her sock advent calendar (RoRo also made that for Sweet P...she must really love us!). Sometimes we do the card right away, other times we wait for the Farmer to come home from work. She loves picking the card out of the sock and has been really excited about the actions so far. 

Here's the list of our actions (we only have 16 since we'll be headed south after the 16th):

Day 1: Drink hot chocolate
Day 3: Sing Christmas carols
Day 5: Dance to Christmas songs
Day 6: Spend some alone time with Mommy
Day 7: Look at Christmas lights
Day 8: Make Christmas candy
Day 9: Take change to a Salvation Army Santa
Day 10: Take Christmas Candy to a neighbor
Day 11: Take a family walk 
Day 12: Take Christmas candy to a friend
Day 13: Play in the snow (if we have some!)
Day 14: Make an ornament for Gammie
Day 15: Make an ornament for Nana
And Day 16:

Your action cards don't have to be fancy (or even printed)! Write them on a sheet of paper and hide them around the house, put them in a stocking each day or hide them in the tree. What other actions would you do?

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