Tot Preschool: Letter K

Sweet is 30.5 mos old

Oy! I'm so behind in posting these and I do them so I can have a record of what we did last year. Here we are the 2nd week of December and I don't even have the Thanksgiving post up, yet! And this isn't it! Oh well, here it is anyway:

We started doing trays this week as we are adding more Montessori based activities to our preschool.

Verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~Phil. 4:13

Bible Figure: King Solomon

Our trays are cookie sheets from the Dollar Tree (what can I say? They were only a $1 and work great).

Opening and closing containers: Sweet P had a ball opening these items. Her favorite was the mini hair spray bottle and she kept taking the lid off and running the squirt bottle through her hair. She wasn't too interested in adding a marble to listen to the sound each one made, but she did do it on a few. 

Sensory bag: This bag is filled with clear hair gel and glitter with hearts in it. It gets really cold in the basement so the bag was cold, which she really liked.

PomPon transfer: What started as pompon transfer turned into a really fun activity. I gave her a TP roll to put the pompons through and she started using it as a slide. It wasn't really working so I cut it in half lengthwise, taped it together and created a slide. She LOVED rolling the pompons down the slide "into the fwimming pool (the tray)". This was played with several times that week.

Dress a Gingerbread Man: TK brought this with her for Sweet P and she had a great time putting all the stickers on him.


Shannon's Tot School's Letter K Maze: Sweet P did pretty well on this one! It's not her favorite thing so I'm glad we're curbing letters for awhile (since I already printed them!)

Upper/lowercase K Kite: Yes, yes, I drew that awesome kite. She dotted upper/lowercase K's with a different color of do-a-dot marker.

Letter K collage: Lots of kitties!

Foam gingerbread man: See above in Trays

1+1+1's Thanksgiving Pack's Color by Number Turkey

A Heart for a Home's lowercase k

Kangaroo coloring page

DLTK's do-a-dot K

Upstairs Shelves:
Number puzzle from Target $ Spot

Melissa & Doug Pizza Party

Animal Questions puzzle (there's a koala in it!) from Target $ Spot: It has questions about the animals around the edge.

Other Activities:

Leaf Maze with TK: See link for details

Hanging out with Baby Brother

Decorating her Treasure Chest (this is part of our reward system)

Making Pumpkin Granola: See link for more details

 Montessori Monday