Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

There isn't a theme for MTM today, so I picked a green theme. As you can see. Yes, I know potatoes aren't green, but everything else fit the mold.

Clockwise from top left: grapes, avocado, pumpkin seed/date cakes, green beans, potatoes, kiwi

Let's not even talk about how not "green" or "local" my tin is today. Because I'm pretty darn sure kiwis and avocados don't grow anywhere near Iowa. On an avocado note: The Farmer's 2nd cousin (he's 6) was disgusted by Sweet P's avocado this weekend. He told me, "It looks like vampire guts." Okie dokie. And he definitely didn't want to try it.

She ate the kiwi and the avocado, dissected a few green beans and left the rest (I snuck a few potatoes into a bite of avocado). Maybe she'll come back for it later, but I'm pretty sure we might have to ditch muffin tinning for awhile so I can give her veggies, first! Happy MTM!