Christmas Magnet Project

This was such a simple project and Sweet P is a magnet fanatic so it worked out great. Last week we received some junk mail from a company who does Christmas decals. They had a ton of Christmas photos and Sweet P loved looking at all the stuff. The Farmer thought they were stickers at first, but then I realized I could cut them out and make them into magnets for her. The one thing that would have made it easier was having a sticker maker.

The Craft: Christmas Magnets

What you need:
Magazine cutouts of Christmas things (Christmas tree, stocking, train, snowman)
Assorted magnets (I used free ones from a pharmacy and other places)
Glue stick or double stick tape (I used both)
OR sticker maker
This is simple enough, but I'll walk you through it anyway. Cut out Christmas icons, glue or sticker to magnet.
Cut shape out of magnet. Stick to metal surface! Wala! You're done!
Most of our appliances are stainless steel, but we have metal doors and our dishwasher is faux stainless steel so magnets stick to it. She loves pulling off the magnets and resticking them. This was so easy, I can't wait to make her more! And if I had enough magnets, I could make her the whole alphabet out of patterned magazine scraps!