Tot School: Travel Edition

Tot School
Sweet P is almost 19 mos old!

We left town on Tuesday and returned on Friday so it was a quick week for us. And 18 hours of it were spent in the car. Not much was done in the car aside from reading and playing with stuffed animals (oh and snacks, snacks and more snacks). Since that's what Sweet P enjoys most in the car. I got her a new book for the trip and wondered if I might regret it because it played music. When I had a child, I swore I'd never own this type of book, but when I went to Sam's on Monday night in search of a new book to keep her occupied in the car...well, this one called out to me.

I was most excited that it had several songs about Jesus' birth and the important part of Christmas, not just a bunch of Santa Claus songs. And to tell you the truth, those midi songs don't bug me all that much. And it kept her super busy pushing all those buttons.

We drove to the Farmer's grandparents farm (the other farm in the family) in eastern Colorado. It's literally in the middle of nowhere and I would have loved to take Sweet P out and show her more of the farm, but it was cold, ya'll. Way too cold and WAY too windy to be out exploring. We did get to show her the horses and one came right up to us (for food I presume). After watching us pet her a few times, Sweet P promptly stuck her gloved finger up the horse's nose (not surprising considering how often it's up her own nose).

Turkey Stained Glass: Last week at the Winter Farmer's Market they had a coloring a stained glass turkey kid craft. There were way too many kids for Sweet P to actually partake in the activity so we took the turkey home and decided we'd do it there. She did a pretty good job, but liked coloring her hands just a little too much.

Great Grandma's House: GG's house was full of fun stuff for Sweet P to play with (and I'm not talking about toys!). She had tons of fun with balls of yarn GG has and loved getting to play with this measuring tape. We eventually attached the measuring tape to a ball of yarn and she dragged it around the house.
Make a joyful noise: What Thanksgiving is complete without playing with a turkey baster? Here she's playing the drums with the baster and this cooler, which was much better than beating mommy with it.

Teasers: GG has a box of Teaser games (think Cracker Barrel games). This was great for gross motor skills since she was putting the tees in the little holes. We also did a little color sorting with the tees.

Thanksgiving Coloring Page: I printed this coloring page from TLS Books for her to color after Thanksgiving dinner.

We did a lot of activities on Thanksgiving. We also played with flashcards that I got over the summer from the onespot at Target.

Alphabet Flash Cards: These cards were made by Auntie Rosita. Aren't they awesome!? They have pictures of Sweet P or people she loves on them and they are matched with a letter. Auntie Rosita is R, of course, Auntie Kannon is K, Gammie is G, Nana is N (you get the picture). She's been learning who her uncles are so it was really funny when she picked up both Uncle Will and Uncle Eric's (who is not yet an actual uncle) pictures and said "UNCA!" She also pointed at Uncle Rhett a lot over the week saying "Unca."
Playing outside! It's been nice enough to play outside the past few days. We helped the Farmer rake leaves and even took a walk yesterday.
And with all the fun she had during our trip to Colorado, I'm willing to bet she had the most fun with Nana.