DIY Christmas Wreath

Way back when I admitted that I wasn't very crafty (err creative). And I'm still not a super crafter, but I think I do okay (and I'm getting better). I was super proud of this project. Auntie Rosita has a Halloween wreath similar to this so one day while perusing Hobby Lobby (ya know, with their Christmas decor out before Halloween) I saw these berry stems. I picked them up in gold and then saw the green and decided, Yep, those are the ones. And I'm going to make a wreath. So I did. I should also mention I chipped my tooth in the process. Don't laugh! It's true.

The instructions aren't very good because, well, I just sorta went with it and I think that's probably what you'll have to do too. I did have a plate out to help me make sure the shape I thought was round really was round (I doubt myself sometimes).

What you need:
6-8 berry stems (wired)

Take 2 stems and place the wire sides together. Wrap the wired ends around each other, curving them as you go. The wire will hold the stems in place. As you add more stems, it gets trickier. Especially because the berries will get in the way, but carefully wind the wire around the berry stems. Continue to wrap the wired stems around one another or winded through the berries until you've formed a circle. Your last stem will be the most difficult (at least I thought so). Once your wreath is complete (and staying together), pull apart the stems until they are "fluffed" to your liking (kinda like the way you fluff your Christmas tree branches after they've been packed away for a year). You can add other do-dads such as a bird or ornament. Once I actually get out my Christmas decor, I'll add a JOY ornament.

Total cost: $4 because the stems were half off. A whole lot less than I'd spend on a pre-made wreath.

Try it out. Really, if I can do it, you can too. Let me know how it goes.

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