Bottled Turkey Craft

I really wanted to make a turkey for Sweet P and I had a bunch of Trader Joe's sparkling water bottles sitting around waiting to be recycled or taken in to get my 5cent deposit back. I finally came up with the idea to use the bottle as the body for the turkey.

The Craft: Bottled Turkey

What you need:
Construction paper (red, yellow, brown, light brown, black, orange, white)
Cardstock (red, yellow, brown, light brown, black, orange, white)
Plastic bottle (size of your choice)
Glue stick
Packing tape

I only took a picture of the first and last step because I spent the rest of the time making sure Sweet P didn't run off with the scissors. I will admit she picked them up a few times, but after I told her to please give them mama, she'd pick them up and hand them to me (phew).

Wrap a piece of brown cardstock (or construction paper) around the bottle for the body of the turkey. Depending on your bottle, you may need to cut the cardstock to avoid overlapping too much. Tape the cardstock to the bottle using packing tape (could also use regular tape).

Trace a large circle (I used the mouth of a cup) out of light brown cardstock (construction paper) for the turkey head. Then trace a larger circle (I used the top of a funnel) of black cardstock (construction paper) for the base of his hat and a smaller circle for the top of the hat.

Cut out feathers in red, yellow and orange. I freehanded these and just used the first one as a template. And cut feet and a triangle out of yellow. Cut a gobbler out of red paper. Make eyes out of white and black circles/ovals of cardstock/construction paper.

With a gluestick glue the gobbler, then the beak to the face. Glue the black part of the eyes to the white and apply to face.

Not gonna lie, the hat was a pain. After I cut out a black circle, I cut a small line in the circle from the edge to the center and cut out part of the center. I kept cutting until the circle fit around the bottle. I taped the circle back together to close it around the bottle and taped the circle to the bottle (the tall part of the hat covers that). Cut a piece of black cardstock to make the tall part of the hat and wrap it around the top of the bottle so it sits on the base of the hat. Secure with tape on the inside (is this making any sense?). The top of the hat was the worst part and if you look too closely at my turkey you'll see that it doesn't really fit. If I had it to do over again, I would have applied the top of the hat to the cylinder before I put it on. Anyway, use a small amount of tape to secure the top of the hat to the cylinder.

Use a gluestick to apply the turkey's face to his body, do the same with his feet. Tape the feathers in a fan shape to the back of the bottle.

And there ya have it. Bottle Turkey.

Hope these directions weren't too confusing and that you'll make your own! Let me know how it goes if you do.