March for Babies Morning

This post was written on Saturday...I just had to upload pictures!

Today I participated in the March of Dimes March for Babies 3 mile walk. I had originally wanted a large team of mom friends to do it together, but when I realized I only had 1.5 months until the walk...reality hit. I did walk with one friend (thanks Sarah!) and we had a great time walking and chatting.
It was cold. Really cold. Like 40 degrees kind of cold with a nice wind chill going on. But it was worth it. Knowing that we were walking for a great cause and walking for all the babies who should have a fighting chance. Sweet P didn't walk with me because I didn't want her out in the wind, but she and the Farmer met us at the finish line.
Thank you to those friends and family who supported me in my walk. Sarah and I are hoping that next year we'll have a much bigger team and much better weather.