A Series of Unfortunate Events with Good Endings

Meet my family.

Auntie Rosita hails from Seattle.
Auntie K goes is a senior at LSU.
Gammie lives in Dallas, TX and Nana (the Farmer's mama) lives in New Mexico.
All of these peeps were trying to get here for Sweet P's 1st birthday party. It was put on hold so that Auntie K could make it since we all know finals don't end until mid-May. So the party was set for May 15th with everyone getting here by May 14th. Ha.

Wednesday: Nana and Auntie Rosita were scheduled to get in around 11pm. Nana arrived at 11pm, Auntie Rosita got stuck in Chicago after her flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues after she left Washington 3 hours late. And even though she only spent 4 hours in her room, they put her up at the Crowne Plaza and gave her free Dunkin' Donuts (can't beat that).

Thursday: She was supposed to arrive at 7:45am in time to go with me to a workout class. At 8:45am, Auntie Rosita finally touched down in Des Moines.

Friday: Auntie K and Gammie's flight was leaving Dallas at 2pm and arriving at 4:20pm. We'd head for an early dinner after that. 2pm came and went and at 3:30pm, their flight was also cancelled. Grrrrr. There were 2 flights to DSM cancelled. One more flight was leaving at 7pm and all of the people from those two flights were desperate to get on that last flight out. Needless to say, Gammie and Auntie K were not on that flight. The closest they got was Kansas City. After searching high and low for a rental car under 160$ (uhhh, no thank you), Auntie Rosita and I packed up Sweet P and drove to KC. (Not in the plan for the weekend). Their baggage ended up in Des Moines on the last flight. So on our way into town at 1am (yep, 1 am), we swung by the airport and picked up the bags. We fell into bed at 2am.

Saturday: We slept in. JUST kidding. No sleeping in around here. I was up and at em at 6am, freaking out because I only had 5 eggs and needed 6. It all worked out (thank goodness for 24 hour grocers) and those cupcakes got made (and were pretty darn good). And out to the Farmer's Market we went. No rest for the weary. More on the Farmer's Market to come.

Despite the craziness (it runs in our family), everyone made it safe and sound in time for the birthday. And I'm sure they'll all get out on time. That always happens when you're hoping for just a little bit more time.