Our Cloth Diaper Adventure

Here are the cute cover pictures as promised! The other one I have is white so I didn't feel the need to take a picture of it. I got it so it would look good under light colored clothes. It drives me crazy that you can see the patterns of diapers through so many baby clothes. But the Blackbird pattern was too cute to pass up. I'm a sucker for trees and bird prints.

Our adventure is still going strong. I bought a small trash can with a lid for her diapers and have noticed a TERRIBLE smell from some of the pee diapers, but it can't possibly be the liners. They've only been washed twice so I don't know what the deal is. I'll have to figure it out.
I've only been using them for about 3 diaper changes a day since I don't have very many, yet. I like the Thirsties covers and thought the inserts did a good job, but they are now waiting to be washed so I am using prefolds. They do okay, but I think I need to buy ones with more ply. She hasn't slept in one overnight yet, because she's a night pooper. And let's be honest, I'm down right scared. So maybe I'll buy in AIO to try at night since I'm afraid the insert in a cover won't do the job she needs!

Please feel free to leave suggestions on what cloth diapers work best for you!