Our Cloth Diaper Adventure

Yep. We have started our cloth diaper adventure.

I wanted to cloth diaper Sweet P when she was born, but I quickly realized that with the washing machine we had...it wasn't gonna happen. Instead, I dreamed about the days of getting a new washing machine and eventually trying out cloth diapers. You would think that during that time I'd be doing some research and figuring out what diaper I would choose once that miraculous day came (apparently, I didn't really do any). Don't get me wrong, I looked at cloth diapers online and in person and even had a salesperson give me the entire lowdown on which ones to use and what works best (if you think that stayed in my brain you are sadly mistaken).

Well, on May 4th my dream came true when a brand new front load washer was installed in my basement. Right next to it's twin, our new dryer. If they weren't made of metal I might hug them. I was in love, smitten, on cloud 9. But enough of that, back to the diapers.

On Tuesday while strolling around Valley Junction with Nana Nancy and Auntie K, we walked passed Little Padded Seats. I'd been thinking about my cloth diaper adventure, but hadn't really thought about when I was going to start. We walked a few more steps when I said, "I want to go in here."

Little Padded Seats is just about the neatest little diaper shop there is. They have everything you could possibly need for cloth diapering. Lauri and her husband Tommy own the store and offer classes to help you get started with cloth. (I will be signing up for those classes because I'm a bit lost). When we walked into the store I decided I was going to buy some supplies and get started. What a great birthday present for Sweet P!

Lauri was so helpful because even though I've looked at tons of sites and stuff about cloth diapers, I am utterly clueless! I bought 2 Thirsties covers and 2 hemp Thirsties inserts since I have prefolds at home from when I thought I was going to cloth diaper. Lauri mentioned that the prefolds I have may not be thick enough (and after a few goes I think she's right).

On Wednesday, I put Sweet P in a cloth diaper for the first time! I have to be honest I was really scared she was gonna poop. She didn't and I successfully changed 2 wet cloth diapers.

Today was a different story. She spent most of the day with the Farmer while Auntie K and I ran errands and when we got home I changed her diaper and put on a cloth diaper. I had a feeling poop was on it's way and when we went to change her into her pajamas...I learned I was right. YIKES! This is definitely going to take some getting used to. Honestly, it's a little inconvenient and it's going to take work. But I want to make it work. And Auntie Rosita doesn't think it's going to...so now I REALLY want it to work.

Our adventure has begun and while I'm not going to post a video of me putting on a cloth diaper (it took me about 10 minutes today, Sweet P was highly annoyed), I will keep you posted on our progress. So far, I really like the Thirsties cover and will try out the inserts tomorrow since they've been washed a few times.

Maybe I can talk a few of you into cloth diapering, too! And hopefully, pretty soon I'll be saying if I can do it, anyone can do it!

Pictures of the cute covers to come later...