The Reason I Love Summer Saturdays

High above the crowds on Auntie K's shoulders
I love the Des Moines Downtown Farmer's Market. We don't even buy any produce anymore because we grow our own, but I love the atmosphere and the people watching. And now that Sweet P is 1, I love it even more because she LOVES dogs. And everyone knows there are plenty of dogs at the DTFM.

My first time this year was with my family last weekend. I have to admit the raspberry whole wheat cinnamon roll wasn't as fabulous as I remembered so it might be time to find a new favorite.

Gammie tried a pupusa (can't go wrong there) and I thought maybe I should start getting one of those. But then I remembered that was the Farmer's poison (and he's funny about ordering the same thing).
Auntie Rosita had french toast and I only contemplated that for a second before I remembered how much I dislike soggy bread.
Sweet P can't wait to try kettle corn, can you tell? We bought two large bags and one was gone before the day was over.
So I'm on a mission to find a new breakfast favorite at the Farmer's Market. In 2008 it was breakfast burritos, last year it was raspberry whole wheat cinnamon rolls. What will this year bring? I guess I'll just have to go again next weekend to find out! And while we won't be participating at the DTFM, we will hopefully be making our first farmer's market debut this year...I'll keep you posted.