It's my party...

And I'll brag if I want to! Have I ever bragged about Auntie Rosita? Probably, but let's talk about her again. Sweet P's fabulous decorations came courtesy of Rosita Designs. What sweet decor it was too! She also made the super cute invitations...which were a fiasco once they made it to me. We'll just say my memory wasn't so great in the middle of moving.
Auntie Rosita made the banner, the cupcake decorations and the tags for the party favor bags at home and brought them along. She put together the tissue paper balls once she got here. Have I mentioned that she was born with the creative bones in the family? The cupcake pieces can be used in Sweet P's scrapbook and if we wanted, we could reuse the banner and balls for birthdays to come. She also made Sweet P this sweet little hat!
What? What's that you say? How can you get a hold of these cute decorations? Just visit Rosita Designs and tell Rosita what you want! Is it bad that I'm already planning for next year's party?