Summer Saturdays

Oh how I love them! Yesterday was jam packed with activities for us and if you can believe it, Sweet P stayed up until 9:15pm! I hardly made it to 9:15 so I'm not sure what kept her going. Especially because it was close to 90˚ all day and we spent most of it outside.
The crazy busy Farmer's Market
We started at the Farmer's Market with yummy breakfast. Crepes with Nutella, banana and whip cream for me and samosas and an Indian wrap for the Farmer. (Sweet P had a banana). Um, let's talk about Nutella for a minute. I was completely unaware of the powers of Nutella until about a week ago. While shopping with Auntie K, I bought Nutella as an impulse buy. We were buying organic peanut butter and it kept staring at me.

Where has Nutella been all my life!? Why have I been living in the dark? I love it...all of it's chocolatey, hazelnutty, goodness. So yummy. So needless to say that crepe was great. But it has not become my staple. I'm still on the hunt for my breakfast of the summer.

After the FM, we came home and did some yard work. (Yes, mom. You heard correctly, I did yard work.) Sweet P fell asleep and soon after, the Farmer headed to his substate playoff soccer game. Sadly, the game did not end well...and ended the season. But the Farmer kept his head up and we walked to church from our house that afternoon. It honestly takes us just as long to walk as it did to drive from our old apartment!

We ended the day with pizza at a friend's house. We sat outside and Sweet P played with their daughter, L. It was the perfect end to a not so-perfect (considering the loss) day. Oh, how I love summer Saturdays.