Eating A Rainbow and a Blog Hop

Today we are excited to be part of a Weather Blog Hop! Please link up your own weather-related posts and be sure to visit other posts and other bloggers who are hosting this Blog Hop!

Yesterday we ate a rainbow! Well, Sweet P did, anyway! I've been thinking about this lunch for a month now and was so excited to create it for her! 

Here's what I used:
Cloud: Greek yogurt
Red: Fresh Strawberries
Orange: Fresh Mandarin oranges and carrots
Yellow: Frozen (thawed) pineapple
Green: Fresh kiwi and spinach leaves
Blue/Indigo/Violet: Fresh blueberries
Pot of Gold: Chopped cheese stick
While she ate we talked about rainbows and how they are made with the help of my handy dandy weather book I found at Goodwill. Did you know a rainbow is what you see when sunlight has been bent and spread apart by millions of falling raindrops? Isn't that cool?

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