Practical Life Activities for Toddlers: Dust Mittens

At MOPS a few weeks ago we had a speaker who talked about her responsibility chart (she has 7 kiddos). Her children started helping out with chores around 2-3 years old with little things and she had some GREAT ideas! One of her ideas was to make your kids a flannel dusting mitten to wear to help you dust.

Sweet P will start out helping me with a little rag, get frustrated that I won't let her spray the olive oil/vinegar mixture and go back to playing. I thought making a mitten and giving her an empty spray bottle would be right up her alley!

Well, she loved the mitten so much she asked me to make another one for her other hand! I whipped up another one and she tried them out in the basement.

Make them BIG! Mine are too small and I'll probably need to make another set for her soon.
How to make them:

Simply trace your child's hand on a piece of flannel fabric folded in half. I exaggerated the tracing so the mitten would be larger than her hand. Sew (or glue with a glue gun) the edge at the top of the glove on each piece to create a hem. Place the two pieces wrongside out and sew along the edge. Turn the mitten inside out and insta-dusting mitt!