Leprechaun or Fairy Furniture

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We, and by we I mean I, made leprechaun furniture for one of the little leprechauns we made. Our backyard has a tree stump with a notch in it that is perfect for little tiny things. My furniture wasn't quite tiny enough to all fit in at once, but our little leprechaun bed fit snugly inside. 
I just used cardboard from a diaper box I had on hand and some fabric scraps to make the furniture. With the help of my sewing machine and glue gun, I whipped up a bed (with blanket and pillow), a table and a chair. You do NOT have to have a sewing machine, I just felt like using it. 

All 3 pieces and the leprechaun himself took about 30 minutes to create. Super simple and a great way to use recycled materials. Sweet P had lunch outside the day we made them and ate with the leprechaun. As I type he is sleeping snug in his little bed in the notch in the tree. 
We'll reuse the furniture as fairy furniture once St. Patrick's Day is over!