Tot Preschool: Letters L and M

Before Valentine's Day we did several activities with letter L, but we started working more with trays and other activities so I never got around to posting them. After Valentine's Day we started doing some letter M activities and got stuck on letter M for a few weeks before moving on to St. Patrick's Day activities. Here are a few of the things we did during those weeks.

Sweet P is 34.5 months

Bible Verse (letter M): Happy are the kind and merciful. -Matthew 5:7
Bible Character (letter M): Moses

Ladybug letter L: This was a lot of fun for her and a great counting activity for Sweet P as well.

Leaves in a Tree: At one of the mall play areas in town there is a tree that has two eyes peeking out, but you can't see what it is. Sweet P was obsessed with that tree for awhile so I came up with an idea for her to recreate that tree at home. I used leftover tissue paper from an advent calendar we made for the leaves.

M is for Mask: Sweet P made a mask for Mardi Gras!

Letter M collage: Sweet P's collage of M words on a giant letter M.

Mouse coloring cards from A Heart for Home: We talked a little about coloring in the lines and I showed her how to color slowly with the red mouse. She traced each mouse tail and then worked on matching the colors with her markers.

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