Fingerprint Heart Cards

Inspired by the awesome canvas created by Dilly-Dali Art, Sweet P and I set off to make a Valentine for the Farmer using this method. This was my Valentine for the Farmer (Sweet P's was a guitar that said "You guitar hearts pumping.")

I LOVED the simplicity of this project and how the finished product turned out!

Simply cut your design (we used a heart) out of card stock or stiff paper of some sort. I used a thin cardboard piece. Place the frame of the cutout over the card or paper of choice. Fill the space with fingerprints using a stamp pad.

Remove the frame and ta-da! Instant Valentine (or Father's Day card, birthday card, etc.) 

We also made one in the shape of a balloon for a friend's birthday card, but I didn't take a picture of it. Loved this project and will do it again and again!