Tot Preschool: Numbers

Sweet P is 34 mos old.

RSV hit the kids HARD last week, but we managed to do a few activities and trays between coughing, blowing noses and taking naps. My poor kiddos.

Sweet P doesn't love to count so I thought a few number activities might make her more interested in numbers. The number printables are from Confessions of a Homeschooler and will work with so many different manipulatives.

Domino Match: Sweet P was playing with dominoes while I was laminating these cards and I realized they were perfect for the cards! I picked out the ones with the blank side and she had fun matching these. The blank one is her favorite for some silly reason. We only did up to number 6, but she did it so quickly that next time we'll do to 10.

Counting: I got this idea from Carrots Are Orange and it was a great activity to practice counting. Sweet P is pretty good and looking at a pile of items and knowing how many there are, but sometimes just guesses so this was a fun way for her to count them out. I encourage her to count out loud and if she won't then I do!

We also used the magnets from our a Bingo game as counting pieces.

Numbers puzzle: Gammie sent these number cookie cutters so I made a puzzle with them for Sweet P and she did it several times. What I learned by making this: Tracing cookie cutters isn't easy.