Leprechaun Stick Puppet

We checked out several St. Patrick's Day books from the library and a few of them had a little leprechaun hiding on each page. Sweet P thinks those little leprechauns are pretty funny so I made her a little leprechaun stick puppet for St. Paddy's Day. My inspiration for this puppet came from this felt finger puppet at Projects for Preschoolers. We also made a few pieces of furniture and placed them in a notch in a tree in our backyard for any leprechauns looking for a place to rest.

The Craft: Leprechaun Stick Puppet

What you need:
Green construction paper/card stock
Skin colored construction paper/card stock (I used a piece of a file folder)
Small piece of orange pipe cleaner
Popsicle stick
Black Sharpie
Elmer's glue

Cut an oval for the body and a hat out of green construction paper. Cut a circle out of the skin colored paper for the face. Mold pipe cleaner into a half circle for the beard and glue to face. Glue the hat to the head, the head to the body and the body to the stick. Allow to dry for a few hours or overnight. Draw a face and other details with black Sharpie.