Simple Shamrock Craft

If I'd known how much we'd be using contact paper, I'd have bought it a LONG time ago!
This craft was super simple, mess free and a great little gift to send TK in her birthday card (she told us she's going to use it as a bookmark!). It was also a great sensory activity since Sweet P loved the stickiness of the contact paper and couldn't get enough of it!

The Craft: Simple Shamrock

What you need:
green construction paper
contact paper

If your child is old enough, have him/her cut hearts our of the green construction paper. I cut out 4 large hearts, then cut 4 more out of those hearts and 4 more out of those so that the large and medium hearts were actually outlines of hearts. Tape contact paper sticky side up on a table or tray. Let your child go to work. 

I drew a picture of a shamrock made out of hearts for Sweet P to show her the shape of a 4-leaf clover, but let her do her thing and was surprised that she made them look so much like the one I drew. When I watched her do the second one, she was concentrating like she was doing a puzzle by putting the ends of the hearts together. It was too cute. 
When she'd placed them all where she wanted them, I laid another piece of contact paper on top so that they stuck together. Cut out the shamrocks. You can punch a hole and hang them with ribbon or tape them to the window. 

We taped 2 of ours to the window and mailed the smallest one to TK. I love how this simple craft turned out.