Guest Post: 5 Alternative Painting Methods for Toddlers

I am super excited about this guest post by Crystal who blogs about her sweet girls at Growing a Jeweled Rose. These painting ideas are awesome and I'm so glad she is sharing with you today! Check out her blog for some really great sensory play ideas and inspiration for fun-filled playdates!

Growing a Jeweled Rose

Hello everyone!  I am so excited to be guest posting today!  My name is Crystal and I am the author of the play based blog, Growing A Jeweled Rose.  Growing A Jeweled Rose is centered around my little girls, Jewel and Rosie.  We share lots of messy play ideas and some not so messy ones too!  Since painting is one of Rosie's favorite activities, I thought I would share some of our alternative painting methods with you today!
 Rosie asks to paint several times a day, so we are always coming up with new ways to explore with paint.  

Rosie had a blast painting with large cars

She loved the squishy gooey textures when painting with water beads 

Pine cone painting was a lot of fun!

Painting with Rosie's favorite toy was pure toddler bliss!

Rosie always has so much fun when we paint with left over pasta..  This is a great way to put that leftover pasta to use, or you could always make a little extra on purpose ;)

These are just a few of the ways Rosie has explored with paint.  We find new ways everyday!  I hope you like these painting ideas.  Painting is such a fun activity, and there really are endless ways to explore this simple art material!

I would love for you to drop by Growing A Jeweled Rose and check out some of our other fun play ideas!

Lastly, I would just like to thank The Iowa Farmer's Wife for providing me the opportunity to guest post here.  I just love this site, and this has been a true honor :)