Outdoor Play: Running Wild

More often than not, Sweet P's favorite toys end up being something simple. Like a branch.

About a month ago, we painted on a large piece of cardboard on the driveway (that'll be a different post). Afterward, Sweet P's shirt was filthy so she took it off and began running around the backyard. She picked up a few branches that the Farmer had recently cut off a Silver Maple tree and had a ball.

At one point I could hear her saying, "Take it up hiiiiiiigh, and take it down looooow."
As I watched her scamper around the backyard, I saw how free she felt. Free, but safe. Free to run around and love God's creation.

Playing hide and seek with me...can you see her?

Sweet P is a tree hugger. Literally. When we take walks on the cemetery path she tells me, "I'm just gonna go hug that tree." Like she knows it needs one.

How are you playing outside today?